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C’mon Folks – Join the #RadicalNation

April 9, 2012

I’m all for getting radical…at home, at work, in the greater HR/Recruiting landscape.  Just about anywhere.

And if you, like me, work in HR or Recruiting and can dig that vibe – you need to embrace it.   My friend Geoff Webb, living large up there in Toronto, has launched two phenomenal training programs – the BlueBelt in Internet Recruitment and the Social Media Bootcamp for HR.   If you attend either one you receive an honest-to-baby-jesus actual certification which is recognized in Europe and North America.

But the thing is – what Geoff and his team will teach you to do is not just radical – it’s necessary!  When pursuing your Blue Belt, you’ll find out how to source candidates (or find job leads) and effectively use social networks when searching for candidates.  And if you want to send your HR team to Boot Camp, they’ll leave camp with a solid understanding of how HR practitioners can use channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Video, Blogging and Google Plus – for knowledge, understanding and engagement.

Check it out because these are awesome – details of the programs can be found at Radical Events.  Geoff can be reached via email or on the Twitterz

p.s.  once upon a time in the land known as Orlando, Florida (HR Florida 2010 SHRM Conference), Geoff was one of the people who helped me birth-this-blog.    I may have bought him a drink for his efforts; I don’t remember.  I was being way too rad.


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