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The Fever Pitched Rallying Cry for Workplace Flexibility

March 26, 2012

I was cleaning organizing my office the other day and while re-arranging the bookshelf I happened upon the 2011 Guide to Bold New Ideas for Making Work Work which I had picked up at the SHRM 2011 Annual Conference. (note – the 2012 version is now available)

I spent some time thumbing through the book and reading the employer profiles with accompanying stories about what these organizations have done to implement some type of flexibility.  It’s a topic, interestingly enough, around which I’ve had some recent conversations so I dug a little deeper.  I came across some good resources on the When Work Works website, including a number of toolkits and white papers for both employees and companies. 

The Employee Self-Assessment Checklist can be a great starting point for some of these discussions in any given organization.  The checklist provides an opportunity for an employee to evaluate the whether they and their job are compatible with any one of a number of flexible work options by evaluating the ‘fit’ in four categories:

  • Job Requirements
  • Work Style and Personal Characteristics
  • Personal Expectations and Tradeoffs, and
  • Business Impact on Others

There are also a number of resources for employers including a “Guide to Flexibility” and “Tips for Creating a Flexible Work Environment.”

This discussion that’s been going on for some time and the conversation continues.  The initial question to be answered, however, is how do YOU define flexibility?  As an employer…and as an employee?

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