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On the Podium – Hanging with @BRSocMe

March 20, 2012

I’ve been spending some time prepping for a presentation I’m doing this Thursday for the Baton Rouge Social Media Association.  I was pretty stoked when the group asked me to speak at the March membership meeting where my topic will be – “Can You Find Me Now? How to Use Online Social Networks to Boost Your Job Search and Your Career.”  My intent is to share some tips with this fairly savvy crowd – the what-to-do’s and the what-NOT-to-do’s – when it comes to using social media channels to interact with recruiters, HR peeps, and hiring managers.

I’ve talked about my involvement with BRSocMe before on these pages – most recently in December of 2011. It’s a fabulous group comprised of lots of really smart and creative people who long-ago embraced social media platforms for use in their businesses and/or their personal lives – and, naturally, the trickle-down bleeding-over from one to the other.  I love being a BRSocMe member because it brings me into contact with local folks who often don’t run into HR professionals who “get” social media…although, thankfully, that has changed to some degree since I ran this post in September of 2010.

When I contemplate all the many benefits derived from my involvement with social media (information, collaboration, engagement), at the end of the day it boils down to one super powerful result – SM allows me to connect with people.  Oh sure, I’ve expanded (exponentially!) my HR circle, but even more exciting is how, over the last several years, I’ve connected with people who, without the commonality of social media, more than likely would never have popped up on my radar screen.

So once again I’ll be hanging with the Baton Rouge Social Media glitterati; many of whom work in Communications, Marketing and Tech.  I love to hear their stories and pick their brains and I look forward to them posing some questions to me on Thursday.


At the local GBRSHRM and ASTDBR meetings there are usually just a few Foursquare check-ins as we happily pass mayorships back and forth amongst the less than 3% of HR-type meeting attendees who use geolocation channels.  This Thursday, however, I expect to once again be locked into the epic battle being waged for Foursquare domination at the Louisiana Tech Park.


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