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Don’t Harsh My Mellow: HR and Social Media

December 28, 2011

How to get HR professionals involved in social media is certainly not a new topic; we’ve discussed, dissected and analyzed it to death.  There have been lots and lots of blog posts where we they some HR/Recruiting professionals encourage their HR peers to adopt social media. There have also been plenty of posts where those who have ‘fallen behind’ have been chastised and, dare I say, scolded, for their apparent lack of interest, inquisitiveness and initiative.

Great resources have been shared.  Enthusiasm for social media, or more precisely, lack of enthusiasm, has been analyzed.

But still here we are. Fighting the good fight and continuing to talk about social media as a catalyst for changing the way people share information, communicate and interact with each other.  The naysayers with whom I still come into contact swell with pride when they say …”I don’t need Facebook. I pick up the phone and call my family.” “That Twitter is a waste of time,” they scoff, with an accompanying eye-roll. “I signed up for an account once but I never used it.”

And then they log into their Amazon account and browse the reader-shared book reviews before placing their order.


Every channel, tool and shiny new social media platform isn’t for everybody.  There are those who would be bereft without Pinterest just as there are those who couldn’t imagine a day without a spin through the land of LinkedIn.   Personally, I can go days without even thinking about visiting Facebook yet am continuously seduced by the siren-call of Twitter.

I just remind myself of the good old bell-curve which is, let’s face it, everyone’s go-to probability model. I apply this simple model to all sorts of complex situations like when I want to predict how many employees will complete Open Enrollment on the last day.  So I know that eventually, inevitably, people who don’t like social media, or resist social media, or just like to be obstinate, will eventually realize they are participants.

But in the meantime, I’ve decided that rather than work to get them on the bandwagon, my best approach may be to remind them – – – “Just because YOU don’t like, use or understand social media – don’t diminish its impact and importance to others.”

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