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Leftover Turkey, the FBI and Cyber Monday

November 29, 2011

I’m back at the Schoolhouse after an extended Thanksgiving break, moving my brain back into HR gear after some well-spent time off with the family and an almost total absence from social media channels.  So what’s kept me busy over the last few days?

  • I went to see J. Edgar over the weekend and found it to be an interesting character study of a complex, secretive and powerful guy.  Leo was fantastic.  At one stage in the narrative, Hoover says  something along the line of  “historians tell their story without recalling the context in which people acted.”  It struck me how true that is; we second-guess and debate the wisdom of decisions made or actions taken years ago without understanding the circumstances in which things occurred.  It gave me pause and made me realize that seeking to understand time and place and context can be a valuable tool.
  • On an HR related note, the scene where Miss Gandy and Hoover are reviewing employment applications (late 1920’s) debating the family status and personal characteristics of candidates before deciding to accept/reject them is intriguing (simpler time?).
  • I also discovered that some members of the movie going audience in my town get pretty offended at a chaste and fairly non-sexual depiction of homosexuality.  During a few scenes, audible gasps, pearl clutching and clucks of disapproval floated up from the row in front of me.
  • I did not go shopping on Black Friday; nor did I do any Cyber Monday online purchasing.  I did take a trip to the local mall on Saturday and found it to be relatively quiet and not any busier than a typical weekend day.
  • I learned this morning that Barney Frank is retiring.
  • The Saints won!
  • We got fairly creative with leftovers and learned that homemade BBQ turkey pizza was a pretty tasty concoction.

I hope my Americans readers had a similarly restful and rejuvenating break.  Do anything fun and exciting?


And now, back to school.

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  1. Laura Wolfe - Cultivate Coaching and Consulting permalink
    November 29, 2011 9:41 am

    Agree that J. Edgar and Leo were great. We also saw and enjoyed My Week with Marilyn; Michelle Williams was absolutely Marilyn Monroe.

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