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The Game of Thrones

November 8, 2011

Every day, I go to the office and happily sink into my office chair.  It’s the classic swivel type with lumbar support and nice armrests.  A lovely tweed fabric, it calms me throughout the day with its soothing shade of purple.  And it’s pretty much standard issue throughout the building. 

No one gets too excited about their chairs in my current company.  But over the years I’ve worked with people who moaned and cried and practically threatened to tear the purchasing staff apart limb-by-limb if they couldn’t order the “Executive Office Chair.”  Leather, chrome trim (not brass), built in wet bar – you know the drill.  Folks who truly believed that the height, width and luxuriousness of their office chair signified their status and power in the company and allowed them to run their very own kingdom from the cozy confines of their cubicle/office. “Poor Joe…we may both be Billing Support Clerks but he’s got a standard issue faux-leather chair while I’ve got the super deluxe model with genuine pleather!”

I’ve sat at a desk with a metal folding chair.  I’ve used a plastic chair.  Once upon a time, my official work station consisted of a school desk(circa 1955) with a wooden chair. I’ve never attempted the ‘exercise ball as office chair’ because I’m afraid I might hurt myself.

What do you sit on at work?  Does it matter?

And more importantly, do you have co-workers who like to play the game of Thrones?

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  1. Laura Wolfe - Cultivate Coaching and Consulting permalink
    November 8, 2011 10:09 am

    Robin – Chairs really are such a big deal. I worked for one company that had a training video on the chairs!! In another job there was some extra money so we all got new comfortable, adjustable chairs AND we got to pick the fabric we wanted. I loved that and loved my chair!

    PS – my husband was consumed by Game of Thrones – the HBO series and the books all summer

  2. HRBR permalink
    November 8, 2011 11:19 am

    Chairs. Good topic. They do seem to be of importance to people.

    For me it is about comfort… back support. The color is unimportant. My current chair is basic black inside my four walls that really is an oversized hallway to the server room–which allows for regular visitors. However, I sit in different places throughout the days–email and the phones are great, but sometimes I prefer being in the same place, face-to-face. I’d go crazy if I had to keep my butt stuck in this chair all day long. I need interaction with others, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to try out other chairs in the building. They are different sizes, different colors, different fabrics and all have different levels of comfort.

    Soon, I’m moving to a mini cube farm. I’m sure there will be a chair that matches me in new and different ways. And opportunities to sit in other chairs that will aid in my learning and growth and branching out into new frontiers for me.

    Who knew chairs were so exciting!

  3. November 8, 2011 7:08 pm

    I did it! I bought an exercise ball to use as a desk chair. I was emboldened to make the move after seeing 2 of my clients and 1 colleague use them. I can use it for a few hours but then I move back to a task chair with good back support. I like the variety! There are no thrones in my home office.

  4. November 8, 2011 10:42 pm

    Michelle, you have inspired me to get out and pump up the excerise ball!

  5. November 9, 2011 7:03 am

    I actually went out and bought a chair that is probably not the “standard issue”. It wasn’t that much more in cost, but the comfort was much higher. My reasoning was, I was spending 6 hours of my day sitting in this chair and so damnit I was going to be comfortable. I have actually been thinking of the exercise ball as a chair, but like you am afraid I might get hurt. 🙂

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