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Dreams and Destiny

October 22, 2011

This is the second in a series of two guest posts from Sarah Upchurch, student at McNeese State University and SHRM student chapter vice president. Thanks to Sarah for sharing her thoughts with the HR Schoolhouse community.


The second speaker the Lafayette ASHRM chapter hosted was Patrick Snow. He is a publishing coach, author, internet entrepreneur, and amazing speaker!!  His lecture was based on a book he wrote called “Creating Your Own Destiny”.  Through his humorous, yet inspirational message, Snow showed how passionate he is about life and the future. I would highly encourage everyone to purchase “Creating Your Own Destiny” to experience the passion yourself.

On my way home from Lafayette, I thought about the message Patrick Snow was trying to send. What are my fears? What are my passions? Most importantly, what are the top 3 goals I have for my life? Snow expressed that there are various stages in a person’s life. First stage is people between the ages of 18-21 who are entering the work force and are in the best health of their life; second stage is people between the ages of 22-60 that are working to make money; and the third stage is people over the age of 60 who pay for their youthful health and wonder…. What happened? With me being 20 years of age, I am in the first stage of life.  I am still wondering where my life will take me.

Snow challenged us to think of the question; Is your fate pre-determined or do you create your own destiny?  Obstacles in life do not define us, for example, Snow says we need to stop reading newspapers, magazines, and listening to the media’s negativity as they can lure us from reality-  so take a step back and think about YOU! He encourages us to embrace life and follow our passions. Snow stated, “When you pursue your passions, you do not know where you are going, but you are going in the right direction.” Therefore convert your mental picture into reality and make your dreams come true.

Let your dreams be heard! Patrick Snow tells everyone his dream is to own a Hawaiian Tiger Sharks NFL team someday and yes, it’s expensive!! Why does he tell everyone this? He believes that if he tells enough people his goals, then it will become a reality and someone will help him achieve it. Snow said, “Only those who see the invisible can achieve the impossible.” We need to gear away from “wondering generality” and become “meaningful specifics.” This means stop saying “would of, could of, or should of” and take action.

Snow stated destiny can be created by following these 4 steps, DREAM, PLAN, EXECUTE, SOAR. When was the last time you did something to achieve your life goals? Ideas without actions are worthless. So ask yourself, what are you willing to risk in your personal/ professional life to get what you want? Life is too short to waste! From now on, put YOU first, and create your own destiny.

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