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No Need to “Get A Room”

August 17, 2011

Quite often, when hanging out on the social media channels, we get exposed to lots of PDA; the luvs, the likes, the pokes.  It’s an orgiastic delight of shared appreciation and good old-fashoned virtual hugging.  There’s a lot of love on display, but I’ve certainly never felt the need to put an end to it.  Unlike some of the activities witnessed on crowded dance floors or at beer tents at county festivals: “Good grief Hazel; will you look at those two?  They need to get a room!”


I took an out-of-town trip the other week to attend my HS reunion, hang with my daughter and soak up some Wisconsin goodness – also known as indulging in cheese curds, frozen custard and deep friend beer (verdict? – ick!) at the WI State Fair.

As part of the trip I made some plans to connect with some social media/online friends whom I’ve never met in person.  Jim Raffel and Shelby Sapusek live and work in Milwaukee and part of what they do (and I swear to God neither of them ever sleeps) is host a weekly twitter chat (#shehechat) on Thursday evenings.  They’ve also just recently begun live streaming the chat via UStream and taking it on the road!

Now I’ve never even “talked” to either Jim or Shelby; we’re twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ buddies. But when it became apparent that I would be in Milwaukee with no specific plans during the Thursday evening #shehechat, we started talking about my attending and horning in on getting in on the show.  And that, my friends, is how I ended up talking about Human Resources on a live streaming show that’s normally devoted to discussions surrounding social media, affiliate marketing and blogging. As an added bonus – we were broadcasting live from AJ Bombers so I could simultaneously enjoy a killer cheeseburger.

In some way, I imagine the regular #shehechat audience didn’t know quite what to make of the topic.  But, as any good advance men/women will do, Jim and Shelby prepped their audience about the topics via a blog post earlier in the day in order to best encourage interaction and questions.  They kicked off the hour by tossing me the question “Should HR control its employees’ social media voices?” and we were off.  We chatted about SM policies, SM content and using SM effectively/ineffectively in recruitment to bolster or destroy the employment experience.  We tackled the topic of employers searching SM networks for candidate information – the pluses and minuses.  And after about 20 minutes of HR goodness (I dare to say a first for their show), the hosts deftly moved on to discussions about SEO in blogging and using bad grammar in social media channels.

A fun time was had by all.  And the cursing was kept to a minimum – both mine and Jim’s.


Earlier this week, Shauna Moerke penned a post over at Women of HR called “How to Really Connect with People”  where she stated – “I love getting to sit face to face and chat with people that I have connected with online.”

How I agree. The glorious part of social media is turning all those online connections and conversations into real relationships.  Moving beyond the tweets and the posts and the facebook updates into social interactions.  The types of interactions where one can lend a hand, share some resources and have some fun.

So amen Shauna.  Amen.

And let’s keep it going.  No need to worry about having to get a room.


Now go follow my pals – check out Jim’s blog and Shelby’s website and follow them on the twitterz.  Perhaps you too can shove your way in tag along with them when you visit the midwest.

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