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Source, Analyze and Manage Talent – the 2011 Way

July 22, 2011

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a demo that Monster held for a group of HR tech writers, consultants/advisors and HR bloggers where they provided an overview of their new SeeMore platform.  Using Monster’s already successful 6Sense technology, SeeMore will be the first cloud-based semantic search/ analytics platform that will allow companies and recruiters to not only search the Monster database – but also pull in candidate data from other resources and search talent pools including their own ATS, their EXISTING employee database or HCM system, and even social networks.  You can read the release from Monster here.

Javid Muhammedali, Sr. Director of Product Management with Monster, led the demo and walked us through some pretty nifty features:

  • Companies will be able to aggregate their talent pools/database (from a variety of sources), put them in the cloud, and then sort, search and handle this data as one database or as separate ones
  • SeeMore will tap into the already powerful semantic search and analytics capabilities of 6Sense by applying these capabilities to other candidate pools (not just the Monster database)
  • Having the ability to use 6Sense technology to search one’s own employee pools means that it will be easier than ever for Corporate Recruiters and HR professionals to ensure existing employees are also in their talent pipeline

Pretty exciting technology.  It certainly presents an opportunity for recruiters and HR professionals to become more nimble and efficient when managing open requisitions. Having the ability to move all candidate information to one “master database” and apply the same search and analytical tools will ensure that candidates, no matter how they come-into-the-process are evaluated against the same criteria.  And I particularly think it will be a HUGE bonus when recruiters can tap into their existing employee population to assist with workforce planning, forecasting and succession planning.


Once upon a time I worked as a Corporate Recruiter with hundreds of requisitions and thousand-upon-thousands of applicants.   We had an ATS and we had a HMC/HRIS.  We accepted resumes via fax, email, walk-ins and carrier pigeons.  We eye-balled resumes as they floated in, stored them in the ATS, and were able to perform very rudimentary searches on our applicant database which tended to generate “matches” based on not much more than location/job title. C-U-M-B-E-R-S-O-M-E. 

I also, back in the Paleolithic era, managed a Corporate Recruiting function with hundreds of reqs and thousands of applicants.  We had NO ATS (hello giant spreadsheets!!) and accepted paper resumes or in-person applications only.  Our recruiting strategies consisted of placing weekly newspaper ads (took one of my staff members all-day Wednesday and Thursday to prepare these each week) and mailing about 300 paper job listings out to various sourcing contacts.  We maintained a set of binders with paper reqs/job descriptions and handled a steady stream of walk-in applicants throughout the day who would peruse the binders and complete paper employment applications.  Fun times.  Yeah.

So sitting here in 2011 I’m a little bit jealous of the recruiters who’ve been able to use 6Sense and will be able to use SeeMore to further link talent acquisition/management to their organization’s goals and long-term strategies.

Then again, maybe they’re jealous of me.  They never got to accept resumes via carrier pigeon.

Note:  for more information on SeeMore – check out John Zappe’s article at ERE

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