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#SHRM11 – Day 397

June 29, 2011

People…this goes on forever doesn’t it?

But in a good way.

The conference is jam-packed with hundreds of hours of HR content.   And in years past I’ve seen people running around trying to decide which session to attend based on whether it had HRCI strategic or general credit. Which always kinda pissed me off. 

Go to a session because the content/message/speaker compels you to attend.  That can be FMLA, ADA or SHAM-WOW for all I care.  But please, I implore you, don’t just go because it’s classified as strategic vs. general (and for the non HR folks who read this, well, just gloss over that part because it only matters to HR peeps).


It’s endless.  My feet hurt.  It’s SHRM-tastic.

Just go home with something to make you take action. Not just something that lets you ‘check off’ 6.75 hour HRCI credit earned.”


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