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Who Knows Next? Do We?

June 28, 2011

As I live through the experience that is the SHRM Annual Conference, I always find that a common theme emerges for me as the days unfold.  Culture, culture and more culture seems to be the biggie this year.

The largest gathering of HR peeps in the world certainly gives us a collective glimpse of next steps for the larger HR community.   And then the snatches of conversation in the halls, comments from speakers, and chit chat with peeps just hanging out provide me with personal next steps. 

As you may know, SHRM tells us that “We Know Next” – and they’ve poured a lot of time, effort and cash into this baby.  The content and program is set to get the word out to the larger business community about HR’s unique expertise (their words, not mine) in helping to navigate trends in the workplace.

There’s some good content there and it’s worth checking out.  It’s definitely a resource for HR professionals as well as other leaders. There’s value to spreading the word about great HR and our role in managing great workplaces.

But telling everyone that we can do things isn’t enough.  We need to deliver.  We need to deliver on the basics of operational excellence, without question and without fail.  And then we need to do what’s NEXT.  Deliver to our CEOs, our leaders, our employees, our shareholders and our communities.  Define what’s important; gather the evidence around it and take some opportunities to take those next steps.

Have you defined that NEXT step for your HR group..and yourself?  If you do, in fact, know next…are you prepared to deliver on it?

I get all fired up when I hang with other HR professionals.  I listen and talk and get new ideas for my next steps.  Coming to the SHRM Annual Conference has once again struck the match and the water is starting to simmer.

p.s. and yes, that Monster party was truly EPIC.

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