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HR is in the Building

June 26, 2011

And so it’s begun – the SHRM Annual Conference.  It’s a festive season for HR professionals you know –  like the 4th of July Christmas day after Open Enrollment season ends.

I’m still operating on Central time, so was WIDE AWAKE at 4 AM. yeah.  When I finally got up at 6 AM and stuck my head outside into the hall, I found today’s copy of the SHRM Conference Daily outside my door.  

As the day goes on, SHRM tells us that 15,000+ people will pour into the Las Vegas Convention Center for the Opening General Session with Sir Richard Branson at 2:30 PM.  And that will be followed by the 1st grab for swags/ipads also known as the opening of the Expo Hall at 4 PM.

So at an hour when many people in Vegas are just coming in from the night before, I’m getting ready to pop over to the Convention Center to poke my head in on a couple of the Sunday Sessions, visit with friends in the Social Media Lounge and make sure I’ve got my session itinerary planned out.

It’s SHRMtastic.


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