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Encouraging Social HR – SHRM11

June 26, 2011

I stopped in this morning to the “Social Media Boot Camp” session led by Jessica Miller-Merrell and Carrie Corbin. It was fantastic to see a full room of HR professionals (sold out pre-conference workshop) who had a desire to learn more about social media terms, tools and tips for HR pros to successfully integrate SM channels into their recruitment and HR activities.

At one stage an audience member asked “should we be worried if our employees are ‘updating’ their LinkedIn profile?  Doesn’t that mean they’re looking for a job?”

“Not necessarily,” according to Jessica.  In fact, she suggests that companies encourage their employees to regularly update their LinkedIn profile (at least weekly) to take advantage of the search engine capabilities.  She pointed out that this is a particularly effective tactic for sales professionals.

Carrie added “If you’re connecting with your employees and your employees feel comfortable connecting with each other (via social channels), that’s a good thing.  And that, if embraced, is true employee engagement.”

“Let your employees build their network,” says Jessica.  “Not only does that benefit them…it benefits you.”


Good points to make to an HR audience.  So often, HR folks (and other business leaders) are often terrified of letting their employees connect, chat and share information.  But as we know, these conversations are happening anyway.  Rather than shutting things down or trying to control the conversations, if we ENCOURAGE them we can benefit in so many ways.

But I sensed a new vibe in this room this morning. As compared to just one year ago at the SHRM Annual Conference in San Diego, there seems to be much less ‘HR resistance’ and much more “HR Curiosity’ about social media.

The #shrm11 hashag is blowing up my tweetdeck. The social media lounge is hopping.  I have yet to hear one person ask “what’s a tweetup?”


** note: biggest WTF questions seem to be around the mystery of QR codes

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  1. June 26, 2011 2:09 pm

    That’s a great report Robin. I hope more continue to embrace social media and get away from the fear that it seems to generate. Watching from a distance, it’s great to see so much activity during the early stages of the conference.

    Please say hi to my fellow Hoosiers out in Vegas!

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