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Thank You Thank Me

June 1, 2011

I’ve been thinking about employee recognition quite a bit lately.  Not necessarily from a macro-global-organizational level.  More from a day-to-day human interaction standpoint.  What are the things we do, each and every day, to say “thank you?”  How do we as managers, co-workers, friends and colleagues celebrate and recognize each other’s contributions in the workplace?

Oh sure, there’s a place for company-wide initiatives, cultural touchstones or activities that strengthen and solidify the employer-employee relationship.  There may be programs with rewards and even incentives.  But what does recognition look like throughout the day where you work? Things that can make a difference are as simple as saying “Thank You” to a co-worker or acknowledging and celebrating a peer’s accomplishments – even something they’ve done outside the office (wow – imagine that!).

It’s fairly easy, and can make people feel pretty special, when they’re appreciated for what makes them special and unique.  People like for their hard work and contributions to be recognized.

So sure – there’s nifty stuff you can do company-wide – check out this story (circa 2010) about Google running a contest for employees to create the best “Google-y Art Wall.”

But perhaps the niftiest thing you can do is to lean over the cubicle wall and give a heartfelt “Kudos” to Jack who helped you solve that problem last week.

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