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Synergy: Not Just a Space on your Buzzword BINGO Card

May 24, 2011

Synergy.  It’s a word that gets a lot of bad press.  It’s shown up on lists of ‘Most Annoying Buzzwords” for probably close to a decade. People poke fun of it, roll their eyes at business briefings, and snicker when a speaker announces that their topic will be ‘Building Great Synergy Among Team Members.”

But I’m going to come out in favor of resurrecting the word, because, let’s face it – we STILL applaud the concept.

We know synergy is at work when a team comes together, perhaps even for the first time, to really solve a problem.  We see success when two companies or divisions merge and become greater, together, than they were separately.  It’s pretty awesome and powerful when a group of people with their individuals experiences, thoughts, ideas, and backgrounds join together to become a collective whole.  We get chills (well, I do anyway) when there’s unity and accomplishment.

How do I define synergy? It happens when a group is more than the sum of its parts. It slaps us upside the head when independent elements combine to achieve a result that may be difficult or impossible to achieve alone.  It’s people working together. It’s corporate cohesiveness.


Perhaps it’s the word itself.  It’s possible it has just become worn-out – a classic case of semantic satiation where one repeats a word over and over and over again until it loses its meaning.

But the concept is valid, so I propose we find a new word.  Coaxhial. Genernormous. Klaptrapuree.

Got any ideas for a new word or phrase to replace the old one? 


Now excuse me while I go get on the same page with my solution-focused team so that we can develop some value-added deliverables.



image courtesy of MyGala

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