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On the Road to HREvolution

April 28, 2011

I’m on my way to HREvolution (hashtag #hrevolution) today for one of the absolute highlights of my entire year.  Human Resources peeps, recruiters, vendors and consultants will all be in attendance.  Forward-thinking provocateurs, inspiring conversationalists and some of the brightest minds I know who work in our little corner of the business world. There will be Canadians in attendance and we’ve even got some Brits coming – and not just because they’re trying to escape Royal Wedding fever at home.

I was unable to attend the first HRevolution in 2009; it was held on a Saturday in Louisville and we had Saints tickets for the next day at noon (Saints 30, Carolina 20) and there was no way I could miss that.  So I stayed home and followed the twitter stream.

But when HRevolution came back for a second event in May of 2010, I snatched a ticket as soon as possible.  Most-incredible-experience-ever.  I didn’t have a blog at that time, but the wonderful Ben Eubanks let me do a guest post over at UpstartHR because I had to somehow capture some of the things I was thinking.


What will these next several days bring?  Unknown except with certainty I can say it will be INVIGORATING – FUN – CHALLENGING and perhaps somewhat scary; cuz scary happens when you’re challenging the status quo.  So we’re going to have an “HR Slam,” we’re going to talk about people being creepy and we’ll ponder the question of what to do when “Wellness Sucks.”  We WON’T have powerpoints and droning attorneys and other dull and stereotypical junk.  We’ll hug, we’ll meet up with old friends and we’ll make new ones.

I can’t wait.

And in honor of the Royal Wedding, I just may wear a tiara to the Friday night tweetup.

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