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Hello Paul Molitor

April 1, 2011

I was super excited to write a post for the current Carnival of HR. Dwane Lay (hurray!) was the host and he challenged us to write on the topic “Safe at Home.”  Wow … absolutely super –  incredible – amazing results and you must go read them here.

As Dwane said  – “the Carnival is up, the carousel is spinning, the popcorn is fresh and the clowns are scary.”

But since I didn’t want a scary (nightmare-inducing) clown picture (EEEK!) – we have a sort-of homage to memories wrapped around my most-favorite-forever-all-time baseball player Paul Molitor.  Perhaps my hope is that somehow the SEO engines will drive him here and our destinies will meld.  Or something. Whatever.

Anyway – this really does DOES tie into my post.   Truly. Go read it.  Because we HR types are a lot more than rules and polices and harassment videos and drug-free workplace videos (sorry Paul).  Love you. xo

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