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Wise Beyond One’s Years

March 18, 2011

Yesterday while driving through lovely Terrebonne and LaFourche parishes on my way to the Bayou SHRM chapter meeting, I was listening to a local AM radio station.  A gentleman called in to tell a story about how he and his wife were working to instill a positive attitude in their 10 year old son.  They had begun to notice, on occasion, a defeatist viewpoint when things weren’t going his way.

So Mom decided to provide a lesson for the boy, and she placed a glass of water (filled mid-way) on the kitchen table and called her son into the room.  She posed the question to him “Would you say that glass is half-full or half-empty?”

Her son looked at the glass, looked at his mother, and thought for a few moments.  And then he responded-

“If I were thirsty, that glass would be half-empty.  But if I were in charge of filling it up with more water, then it would be half-full.”

Pretty sharp kid.

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