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Call of Duty: HR Ops

March 16, 2011

Last night I went and spoke to the students at the SHRM @ LSU chapter.  We talked about what HR looks like now and what it may look like in the future; we talked about HR cliches and how to (hopefully) work to overcome them.  We talked about HR challenges and opportunities  And in my estimation, these challenges are the same as our opportunities:

  • We struggle with DEFINING HR (are we tactical? strategic? necessary?) yet we ourselves hold the power and HAVE the ability to mold our discipline/function into what we want it to be.
  • We continually raise the battle cry to MAKE HR RELEVANT (“give me my seat-you-know-where”) because we currently fear we’re not relevant, however the actions we take now and the course we chart can make HR an indispensable part of any organization.
  • We’re faced with outsourcing and technology that’s shrinking HR departments and moving our traditional functions out of our organizations, yet what we do now can make sure that we SUSTAIN HR as an important and necessary component of successful business enterprises.

I hope I left the students, some of whom are graduating this May, with a sense of urgency AND excitement about their chosen field.  They’re entering the Human Resources field at a pretty exciting time and they’re the ones who can define what our profession looks like in 10 or 20 years.  We didn’t talk much about the operational/foundational aspects of HR last night; we talked about innovation and talent management and being a cultural steward.  We talked about having courage and practicing HR with a VOICE and CONVICTION.

So come on class of 2011 – let’s go out there together and play “Call of Duty: HR Ops.”  Rated M for Mature Audiences because there may indeed be some blood and gore, intense violence and strong language.

I’m up for the challenge, and I like to win.  What about you?

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  1. March 16, 2011 7:06 am

    Good work Robin HR needs more cheerleaders. I too try to speak to college students 5 or 6 times a year, to give them a little sense of real world stuff.

    Thanks for sharing!

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