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The ‘Line’ Forms Over Here

March 4, 2011

I encourage you to check out a great series of blog posts this week over at Women of HR.  Lisa Rosendahl, the Editor in Chief, put together a series by asking her contributors to discuss the concept of whether or not there are ‘lines’ (i.e. societal expectations) in the workplace that are different for women vs. men.

My post for the series is called “Being Single in a Married World.”   It’s based on things I’ve observed over the years (and yes, still in recent years).  Perhaps it’s because I’ve worked in more conservative workplaces or parts of the country that I’ve been led to these ideas?  Don’t know.

So head on over to Women of HR and check out this great series.   Start with Lisa’s post  (“Erasing Annoying Little Lines”) and then read posts by fellow contributors Deirdre Honner (“Slap”), Mike Van Dervort  (“Great Expectations Should Belong to You”), Jennifer Miller (“Don’t Get Angry, Get Creative”) and Laura Schroeder (“Is There Really a Glass Ceiling?”).  And for continual content from the amazing writers, make sure to follow along on Twitter .

Chime in and let everyone know what you think!

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