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Employee Engagement – It’s Really NOT Rocket Science

March 3, 2011

As we all know (boy, don’t we?), studies consistently show that employees who are “engaged” in their work perform significantly better than those who are not.  And that translates, according to most experts, into real, tangible and measurable results for our organizations.  Business results including satisfied customers and increased revenue.  And who doesn’t want that?

But we’ve also been faced with the question “how do we make those things happen?”

Well, I’ve got great news – there’s (now) an eBook for that!!

Ben Eubanks of UpstartHR reached out to a few people to contribute to an eBook designed to assist HR pros, managers, and business leaders learn more about this topic. And I’ thrilled to share this FREE eBook with you titled “All together now! A guide to employee engagement.”

Check out the guide and the content generated by some super contributors in the HR space:  Nathaniel Rottenberg, Chris Ferdinandi, Paul Smith, Laura Schroeder, Dwane Lay, Dave Ryan, Krista Francis, Jennifer V. Miller, Lisa Rosendahl, Keith McIlvaine, Karen Seketa, Tamkara Adun, Cori Curtis, Lance Haun, Robin Schooling, and Susan Heathfield, Tanmay Vora and Stuart at 1.00FTE.   Links to each of these contributors’ websites are within the guide.

So thanks to Ben for putting this great resource together and an extra shout-out to Shauna Moerke for helping promote the guide through the Carnival of HR channel.

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