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Simple Rules for Valentine’s Day at the Office

February 14, 2011

And so it’s here.

When you arrive at the office today you’ll be surrounded by co-workers for whom Valentine’s Day is their second all-time favorite holiday.  You’ll be running the gauntlet all day; avoiding florists’ delivery vans on your commute and side-stepping messengers streaming into the building’s lobby dropping off cookie bouquets.  Here are just a few simple rules to assist you when navigating the treacherous freeway of love today:

  • If you receive flowers from your loved one, please refrain from taking those flowers on a tour of the building in order to allow all your co-workers to view this physical manifestation of your romance.  Hastily carry that bouquet to your office/cubicle where it rightfully belongs.
  • If you are bitter and/or recently endured a nasty romantic break-up, feel free to wear shades of grey or black,  Don’t feel as if you need to wear an all-red outfit like Margie in Accounting.
  • Don’t send a Valentine’s Day card, email, text message or voice mail to that co-worker on whom you’ve developed an unrequited crush. Just don’t.
  • And for real, don’t leave an anonymously wrapped Victoria’s Secret  box, holding a frothy, lacy undergarment, on the chair of the afore-mentioned crush.
  • If you’re heading out for lunch, be mindful that every restaurant will be overflowing with love-birds who just can’t get enough of each other and will spend a long-lingering lunch hour holding hands and gazing soulfully into each others’ eyes.
  • Chocolate or other delectable treats are designed for sharing.  Trust me, your sweetheart meant for you to pass THAT around.

So invite Cupid in …….. or keep him at bay?

Enjoy the day.

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  1. February 14, 2011 6:46 am

    Great advise for the workplace. I will be taking my valentine to dinner – not lunch Rbin So I won’t be part of the problem.

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