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Quid Pro Quo..please?

February 4, 2011
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Now obviously, harassment of any type isn’t funny.  It’s not funny to the person being harassed, it’s not funny to any witnesses, and it’s surely  not funny to the HR person who has to wade through the mess.

But if there’s one aspect of the entire subject that’s absolutely side-splittingly hilarious, it’s the atrocious training materials that have been foisted upon unsuspecting employees, managers and HR staff over the years.  Bad scripts, cheesy sets and horrendous acting. Excruciating fashion faux-pas. Dudes with mutton chops and bushy mustaches. Cliched dialogue pretending to be titillating sexual innuendo.   Ridiculously exaggerated situations in order to try-to-make-a-point.

But if you want to add a little levity to the topic and have a chuckle or two on a Friday, head on over to The Hairpin.  The folks over there scoured the interwebz and pulled together a few photos for a post which they’ve entitled The Best of Sexual Harassment Stock Photography.

So Quid Pro Quo…. how about sharing a funny link YOU’VE found?  Let’s end the week with a little humor.

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