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Employee Onboarding…Make it All it Can Be

February 2, 2011

One of the tasks that companies and HR professionals share the world over, is the need to hire and orient new employees.  The way in which you bring new staff members in to join your company says a lot about your culture and the employment experience.  It’s like the trip to the altar after a courtship –  whether that be a whirlwind romance or a long-drawn-out engagement.  The vows are being said (forms being signed) and the new employee is either relishing in the moment or contemplating if they can be a runaway bride/groom.

So it’s awesome that NOW there’s a tool out there to help HR pros, managers, and business leaders with the onboarding and new hire orientation process.  This process is, quite often, either neglected or mismanaged. But we’re in luck, because the new free eBook So, what’s next? can help you examine YOUR process and perhaps update some worn-out elements.

Ben Eubanks from UpstartHR has put together this eBook which is chock-full of tips and tricks, personal stories, and other tools to help you do this stuff the right way.  In addition to Ben, special thanks go to Shauna Moerke for helping to promote the guide through the HR Carnival channel.

To access this great resource, go here to dowload.

I was thrilled to contribute some recent thoughts and am happy to be among great company: Paul Smith, Jennifer McClure, Trish McFarlane, Laura Schroeder, Dwane Lay, Dave Ryan, Lance Haun, Charlie Judy,  Sabrina Baker, Michael VanDervort, and Tanmay Vora. You can find links to each of these contributors’ websites within the guide.


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