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Fare Thee Well 2010

December 31, 2010

I’m not going to list predictions here, nor will I list resolutions (if you really want to view some HR resolutions, including mine, visit XpertHR). 

Tonight at midnight I’ll be saying “welcome” to 2011 and the future.  But for now I want to think about what 2010 has been like:

  • I made a trip to HRevolution, having missed the inaugural 2009 event.   Every superlative I could toss at it would fit – amazing, incredible, outstanding. I met fantastic people IRL, all of whom continue to inspire me, challenge me, and make me a better HR leader.
  • I began to blog – tentatively at first with guest posts on other sites (thanks Trish, Charlie, Ben!) and then over at the fantastic Women of HR site.  Ultimately, a trip to HR Florida was the catalyst I needed to start HR Schoolhouse.  I know I won’t be setting the world on fire here, but I am quite enjoying my little corner of the interwebz.
  • I joined the newly formed Baton Rouge Social Media Club – 100’s of members – 1 in HR.  Uh yeah…it was me.
  • I stayed the course and steered the HR ship at work, hopefully doing the best for my organization as we undertook some pretty huge initiatives and worked though some significant change – industry change, organizational change and regulatory/legislative change.  Things were certainly never dull. 
  • I saw friends and family members deal with loss of job, loss of savings and loss of hope. 
  • I sat on some business and HR panels at events/conferences, did an on-camera interview (!), got involved with Geaux Veterans, and attended some conferences where I watched HR people dance, muscle each other out of the way for swag, and make an end-of-the-day run through the drive-thru daiquiri shop.  (OK – that last one was me).
  • I championed our profession and tried to promote what we, as HR professionals, can be and should be.  And yes, I may have taken a gentle jab or two, but I continued to work from within the system – SHRM.  It was a frenzied year with duties at the chapter and state level, and an ASTD board role as well, and I spent many a night/weekend doing volunteer duties.

Oh – and lest anyone forget, the Saints just happened to win a little thing called SUPER BOWL XLIV!

So dear 2010 – let me just say – fare thee well and adieu.

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  1. December 31, 2010 8:44 am

    A very nice post – well written and it made me smile.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    Kevin 🙂

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