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Tweet Chat…If You Dare

December 9, 2010

One of the super fun things I like to do with Twitter is tweet certain television events – as anyone who follows me can attest.  Saints games often mean a tweeting-marathon. 

I don’t tend to do it so much during other events or TV shows, but am always greatly amused by watching the stream during #topchef or #grammys or #glee.  It’s actually quite funny when someone I follow will send out a WARNING tweet along the lines of “dear followers, please bear with my upcoming #idol tweets for the next hour”

An acknowledgment that some people become annoyed at the barrage of tweets?  Do people actually un-follow people because they power-tweet for one-hour per week about something they enjoy?


I’m an avid TV viewer; I admit it. I become quite fanatical about certain shows and was very proud of my record of watching every episode of LOST (6 seasons) “live” as they were broadcast.  Sure, I DVR’d it, but had-to-watch-every-episode-live.  Even when traveling, I made sure I was in my hotel room at the appointed time.  But I never participated much in any #LOST live-tweeting.  A few here and there, but only with a few people.

Q:      So what compels me to follow the #saints and #whodat stream come game time?

A:      Community.

Game day delivers what Twitter does best – creating and sustaining an interactive community. There’s an active, funny, passionate, often-profanity-laden crowd of die hard Saints fans following every move on the field.  We talk about the announcers, the commercials, the bone-headed calls.  We RT each other and spread the word.  We take regular jabs at the Cowboys or Falcons; even when not playing them. I’m sure we probably, as individual tweeters, irritate some of our followers.  And that’s OK; un-following someone is an easy process.  But what’s fascinating about the whole experience is how the group has a natural ebb and flow – expanding as new people pop in or find each other.

Community building.  On a social network.  Around a common interest.

Imagine that!


Reminds me of the HR community on twitter.  Reminds me of the #HRHappyHour stream – also an active, funny, passionate, often-profanity-laden crowd.  Hmmm.

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  1. December 9, 2010 6:47 pm

    I don’t freaking use profanity… often.

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