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The Inquisition

November 4, 2010

Inquisitive – “Inclined to ask questions:

especially : inordinately or improperly

curious about the affairs of others”



Oh Lord…. (pun intended)… inquisitiveness seems to have gotten a bad rap.  An Inquisition (capital “I”) was the chartering of a tribunal or group that investigated heresy within the Roman Catholic Church and worked to eradicate those with differing beliefs or practices in theological or spiritual areas.   

The HR professional in charge of an internal employee investigation, is sometimes viewed as the modern-day equivalent of the Grand Inquisitor.  Regardless of how the employees may view this process, trust me, the planned outcome of an investigation is not one that includes death by hanging or fire.

And I’m sure that many a teenager has wailed to their mother “why are you asking me that?  Is this the Spanish Inquisition!?” (well, OK, I did…).


Negative connotations abound.  Some people believe that being inquisitive is akin to being nosy or wanting to snoop into the affairs of others.

But being inquisitive can also mean being curious – and curiosity can be a good thing:

  • Questioning and exploring; wanting to understand
  • Having a desire to learn about something
  • Inquiring and probing
  • Wanting to expand one’s horizons

I believe that having an outlook that embraces curiosity and inquisitiveness can make life – and work – much more fulfilling.  Rather than being content to have the same experiences or maintain the status quo, explore ways to add more meaning to what you do.  Open your mind to discovering an unknown aspect of something.  Read, talk, explore.  Not only will you enhance your knowledge, you can boost your performance at work and perhaps find more enjoyment.  You can energize existing relationships or create new ones. 


So start being curious.  Or I’m gonna have to come over there and put you on the Chair of Spikes (ouch).

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  1. Debbie Brown permalink
    November 5, 2010 7:44 pm

    Well, I have to say, I just finished reading the Mark Hurd story from HP as told by the WSJ investigative reporting. When the ,story broke, you would think this HR group and Board were inept. Now, with a few more facts and wow, what a mess and full of eyebrows raised and obvious issues.
    Hats off to you and what you must see and need to deal with- and what a story if you have not read it-every HR worst nightmare –

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