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Thanks to the Good Guys

September 24, 2010

I stopped at the post office last night, after hours, and left my phone there.  I realized it within about 10 minutes, turned around and went running back.  No dice.  Gone.

I went back to my office and got busy; suspending service and data plans – changing passwords just in case some apps were accessible.  Tasks completed, I chatted with someone in law enforcement (casually) to find out how to best report the loss.  While I kept saying “maybe someone found it and will turn it in – I would!” my police-friend told me I was probably being naïve.  The reality was that the phone was snatched and in the hands of miscreants and criminals, using it for nefarious purposes and probably snickering at the photos of my dogs.  I took some comfort in the fact that this dastardly crime occurred on FEDERAL property –  I envisioned federal marshals (i.e. Tommy Lee Jones from “The Fugitive”) running the camera footage and identifying the perps, arresting them and prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law.  So I left for home.

And had a voice mail message on the home phone – also known as the phone I never use.   It was my boss; a friend of hers was at the post office right after me, found my phone and called her to let her know.  He’s dropping it at the office this morning.

Aside from the obvious rejoicing that ensued over the realization that I wouldn’t have to replace my relatively-brand-new phone, I truly celebrated the goodness of human nature.  I was glad I wasn’t proven wrong with my initial thought that people will do the right thing.  A small act in the larger scheme of the universe, but a monumental act of kindness, caring and concern from a stranger.

So thanks to all of those people who continue to do the right thing.

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