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Sally Draper – Without the Angst

September 20, 2010

Last night on Mad Men, Sally Draper spent some time at her father’s office.  Now, there were lots of underlying reasons WHY she felt the need to run away to go to Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce, and Don wasn’t exactly thrilled when she showed up, but Sally was pretty pleased with herself.  Alas, it didn’t turn out too well for Sally; she did a major header onto the waxed floor in the hallway, an employee died while she was there (RIP Ida Blankenship), and she ultimately had to go back home with her mother Betty, but for a few brief shining moments, Sally was in the zone.

When I was a kid I used to love going and spending the day at one of my parents’ offices.  I never had to run away to get there – they willingly took me.   I used to bring books and crayons and I got to sit at someone’s empty desk and “work.”  I helped make copies and stapled things.  I pretended to answer the phone and wrote out pretend messages on those little phone-pads. I usually got to go to lunch with various co-workers and thought it was the absolute height of sophistication.  And just like Mad Men, there were liquor cabinets at the office.

I think I was pretty fortunate because, at a pretty young age, I was consistently exposed to positive work environments.    Work, for my parents, was something they enjoyed – they had great relationships with their co-workers and valued doing a good job and demonstrating integrity in all that they did.  I’m sure they came home exhausted and I probably overhead dinner conversations about a disagreeable office mate or unreasonable boss, but I really can’t remember any.

All in all, my parents did me a great service – and probably not even consciously.  They instilled in me the belief that I can enjoy going to work each day.  Work isn’t drudgery or something to be endured – it can be positive and enjoyable.

And you can go out to lunch!

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  1. Jonathan Krass permalink
    September 20, 2010 1:42 pm

    I always enjoyed going to my parents’ offices. In fact, one time I was visting my dad’s office on the weekend. He gave me a dictaphone to play with, so I did a play-by-play commentary of my running around the office halls and rooms (including the men’s room). My dad later told me that he passed the tape to his secretary for transcription, and she came back to him and asked if he wanted her to transcribe my commentary as well. I still think that’s funny.

  2. ggmckinney permalink
    September 20, 2010 9:16 pm

    Makes me think of my childhood however, my father wouldn’t allow me to go into construction like he was so I did the next best thing I went to school and now work in an environment where I’m not in construction but I still get to be around it. Sweet! Thank you for the trip back in time.

  3. Robin Schooling permalink*
    September 24, 2010 8:42 am

    @Jonathan – I wonder what the mind of a little-you would have come up. Now THAT would be hilarious to have the transcription of that!

    @Gretchen – kinda awesome how it came back full-circle; you get to ‘relive’ the neat things your Dad did day-today.

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