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The Name is Drew. Nancy Drew.

September 14, 2010

A few days ago, Trish McFarlane posted about favorite childhood books over at the HR Ringleader. My absolute favorite immediately came to mind- Harriet the Spy.  But it got me thinking about the subject.  While I read most anything I could get my hands on, in addition to Harriet, I had definite favorites throughout my grade school years:

  • Nancy Drew
  • Trixie Belden
  • The Happy Hollisters
  • The Dana Girls

Mystery novels/series.  All of them.

Now granted, the majority of the “crimes” being solved by our heroes/heroines in these books were not particularly heinous.  Missing jewelry, a lost dog here or there, stolen identities – the sort of niggling puzzling little mysteries that crop up in everyday life.   When I was in 5th grade I carried a notebook with me for mystery-tracking and note-taking.  Because, of course, in the event that I solved a mystery in the course of my daily life, I wanted to make sure I took sufficient  notes.  In the event they needed to quote me on the front page of the New Berlin Citizen.

Now while I didn’t grow and become the next Cagney, Lacey or Jennifer Hart, perhaps my early childhood wish to be a detective came true when I moved into HR:

  • I investigate mysteries – aka “employee relations”
  • I take notes – aka “documentation”
  • I call in the experts when needed – aka “the lawyers” (thankfully, not often “the police”)
  • I reinforce myself with ice cream as necessary –  (Trixie was particularly keen on doing this)

So did my childhood fondness for mysteries and motives and problem-solving lead to my chosen profession?  Am I fulfilling some need that was imprinted into my psyche at a very early age?  Is it, in fact, possible to be as glamorous and charming as Jean and Louise Dana while getting the job done?

Hmmmm – now that’s a “whodunit.”

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  1. Christy permalink
    September 15, 2010 5:55 am

    Great insight! As one who loved those books also and seriously considered at one time becoming a private investigator, I would say youo’re right on the money regarding our chosen profession! ; )

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