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The Leadership Lion Roared and They Followed

September 13, 2010

Today’s guest post is by James Wix.  James attends McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA where he’s a full time business management major.  He’s a board member of the McNeese State Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapter and also holds board positions in Delta Sigma Pi, American Marketing Association, and Phi Beta Lambda.  James attended the Acadiana SHRM 24th Annual Seminar & Expo on September 8, 2010, and captured some important information as presented by keynote speaker Chip Madera, aka the The Leadership Lion.  Many thanks to James for being the very first guest contributor to the HR Schoolhouse.

Introduction to reality

From the very beginning of his presentation, Chip Madera focused on the idea that knowledge is very over rated, but honesty is incredibly underrated.  With humor he summarized this as, “Just because you learn something new, doesn’t change a blessed thing.”

Right off the bat Chip began to teach us that “The Truth Hurts!” So, who is going to be the one to tell the truth? The person that cares, and ironically, it is the person that starts swinging!!

Our economic times can be summarized in one word…uncertain.  In these times, people are looking for someone to show up and give valid hope. This person has to be honest with themselves and engage those around them. The secret to success during uncertainty is confidence.

As Chip put it, “True confidence comes when you know who you are, what makes you significant and the essence of your true value.”

Engage the world at a higher level

The evolution of the economy has flowed from product centric, to service centric, to the present state of experience centric.  Chip showed us that to engage your world at a higher level you must:

  • sell your business as an experience, and
  • take responsibility as the “keeper of your culture”

In doing so, you will be successful, you will have satisfied customers, and you will have satisfied employees as long as you do not compromise.

Focus on developing your self-image not your self esteem

You must be the strategic leader of your business.  Chip gave a thought provoking glimpse into the innermost workings of our self image. He made three very clear points:

  • We behave the way we see ourselves,
  • We teach others how to treat us, and
  • Others respond to us, give us, or compensate us based on what they believe we deserve

This means we need to stop and realize that we are leaders, we are problem solvers and we are people developers.

Change is a paradox

When change comes our way in life we need to stop focusing on the negative side of change, but rather the opportunity side of change. We are agents of change.

Chip reflected on a very dark part of life and began to offer a very passionate glimpse into the chasm of regret.   And he posed the question to the audience –  “Will it be the best or worst day of your life, when you’re lying on your back about to die? What will you be thinking? Why didn’t I spend more time in the challenge zone? Why didn’t I own up and do what I wanted to do?”

Passionate Professional

“Passion is defined as an emotion that is deeply stirring and ungovernable. “

I can truly say after only two hours of listening to  Chip Madera speak about the “essence of WOW,”  I can affirm that he is a passionate professional.  It was an honor to have met and learned from such an inspirational man.  He has taught me that no matter where I go, that place just got awesome, because “I am significant!”

To find out more about Chip Madera, visit his website.

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