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Thanks to Those Who Labor

September 6, 2010

Relaxing on Labor Day, or any major US holiday for that matter, is often taken for granted by a number of people.  Our assumed “right” to a 5-day workweek, 6-10 paid holidays per year, and the relative certainty that one will be off for the all-important weekend activities, has become an expectation of many – particularly those who work in “knowledge jobs.”

So on this Labor Day – my thanks and appreciation goes out to those who are making MY day off particularly enjoyable:

  • the clerks at the bakery down the street (where I will be going since I forgot to pick up some accompaniments to our Labor Day brisket)
  • the folks working at the bait shop where my husband and his pal stopped for bait this morning on their way to the fishing hole (aka Lake Pontchartrain)
  • the waitresses at the restaurant where they stopped, I am sure, for breakfast
  • the workers at various manufacturing facilities, chemical plants and refineries around town – they work 24/7/365 and keep our local economy moving
  • the hospital workers, police, firefighters and other municipal staff who keep us safe – no matter the day

Having worked in health care, manufacturing and other 24/7/365 operations, I long ago gave up the notion of guaranteed-holidays-off.  And I long ago developed a deep appreciation for those who work on holidays.

So thanks to the American Worker .. no matter how you labor.

And that’s what I’ve learned today.  You’ve been schooled.

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  1. Steve Browne permalink
    September 6, 2010 11:11 am

    Being the HR person for a company who is a restauranter, I also want to give my thanks to the Team Members who I serve. They are taking care of the public like they do every day of the calendar year. People they know are enjoying a day of rest and leisure while they serve. I have a better respect for the true meaning of “Labor Day.”

    Glad to be a part of an organization that serves others. The best kind of company to work for !!

    Thanks for the reminder Robin !! Great new blog too my friend.

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